RENO VALUE-Late Night, Early Morning Deals
A guide to REAL Value in RENO and SPARKS Nevada

Welcome to Reno Value.  We will be working on building this site in the coming months and adding new “Values” as we find them. We are going to keep this site simple, straight forward with our opinions and insights into the values presented. We welcome your suggestions and ideas as well.  We look for real value what we present and check out all the specials before we add them.  We define Value as:

  • A great price for what is offered
  • Not dependant on coupons
  • Not a “one time” special, but regular offering

Gold Dust West Casino

Vine and 4th street, Dtwn Reno

Midnight - 6am $1.99 Complete Breakfast includes eggs plus bacon or sausage and toast

Rail City Casino
2121 Victorian Ave, Sparks, Next to I-80
24 hours 7 days a week, Full breakfast $2.22
11pm-6am $2.99 1 lb ham steak breakfast

Club Cal Neva, 3rd floor sports book
Downtown Reno corner of Virginia Street and 2nd. 

A Steak and Egg breakfast includes toast and hashbrowns $3.99 24 hours a day

PepperMill Casino coffeeshop
2707 S. Virginia Street, Reno south of dtwn

12am to 6am 7 days a week NY steak and eggs $5.99

Baldini's Sports Casino
Corner of Rock and Glendale, just in Sparks east of downtown Reno
$1.77 breakfasts every evening/morning from midnight to 6am.  Good size, good food, mediocre service

Mels Diner/Sands Regency Hotel
345 N. Arlington, Downtown Reno
6 am to 11 am M-F, Steak and eggs & hashbrowns $4.95

Remember...we want your suggestions for more late night dining deals.  We welcome any excuse to check out as many as
email us..thanks!!!


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